Fare for All is a great way to save money on quality, nutritious food! They buy fresh fruits, vegetables and frozen meat in bulk to save you up to 40% off grocery store prices. They select the best food from shipments, pre-packaging it to give the greatest deals.

What’s In the Pack represents the typical contents of each type of food pack. The contents will vary depending upon food availability.

Fare for All is community supported and open to everyone. The more people who participate, the better!

Fare for All events are held at St. Joseph Church (435 West 7th Street, Red Wing) and feature meat and produce packs. Masks are strongly encouraged to ensure safer transactions.

The 2022 schedule is as follows:
Tues, Jan 4
Tues, Feb 1
Tues, Mar 1
Tues, Mar 29 (Apr)
Tues, May 3
Tues, May 31 (Jun)
Tues, Jul 5
Tues, Aug 2
Tues, Aug 30 (Sept)
Tues, Sept 27 (Oct)
Tues, Oct 25 (Nov)
Tues, Nov 29 (Dec)

With many five-week months in 2022 and holiday conflicts, our sales do not always fall on the first Tuesday of the month as they have in the past. Mark your calendars, so you don’t miss out!

Credit, debit and EBT cards preferred. Please no checks.